YOUR HANDS by Christi Perry



Your hands: the ones that look like cigars

Your hands: The ones that I can size my hand against your three fingers

Your hands are the hands that held me as a baby

The hands that bathed me as a child

The hands that taught me to walk

The hands that taught me how to swim, bike, and throw a football and turn the pages in my Bible… (You know to get the whole context). Those same hands are the only hands I want to hold.

Your body may be fighting to get back to normal but when I see your hands, I see my Dad.

I see your strength.

I see your courage.

I see your faithfulness.

When I look at your hands, I remember you using them as illustrations, presenting the Gospel.

When I look at your hands, I remember you helping others in need. Wrapping bandages on others, or holding other little people’s hands.

When I look at your hands I remember the sweet gestures you gave every morning as you greeted me. I remember the hugs and how your hands drew me close.

And now Dad, I know you’re in much better hands than even your own. God is holding us. He is teaching us as you taught me. He is the One drawing is close through His nail pierced hands.

Thank you for allowing your hand to grab my hand and to connect it to the Father.

Dad, you’ve always given what’s been in your hands, and you’ve taught me to do the same. I will forever be grateful for your hands.

#Dad #Hands #BestDadintheworld #HanginthereDad #Keepfighting #Notbypowerorbymightbutbyyourspirit


6 thoughts on “YOUR HANDS by Christi Perry

  1. This is so beautiful. I recently watched the video of your dad presenting the gospel with his hands and loved it. We are praying without ceasing. Love you ❤️


  2. I wrote a similar memory for my best friend/sister when her mom was in crisis. We continue to pray for your daddy.


  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful sentiments and feelings about your dad. We are praying for your family and your dad. (We met your dad through homeschooling and through the Formans.)
    Lord we pray for your wisdom and guidance for the medical staff and we pray for grace, mercy, love, strength and healing for Bill andfor his precious family. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.


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