Update on Bill Perry 7/20

This is by far the hardest post so far. My father is deteriorating. Please pray for us. We have prayed for miracles and still do. We have witnessed many. The fact my father is with us still is one. But we also pray for God’s will. My father was all about giving God the glory and in all things, good and bad, we ask for him to get the most glory.

We have many praises to share.

*We have meals covered by a local church and have been given lots of gift cards which is easing the financial burdens of this situation. Praise him!

*The GoFundMe continues to grow! We are so humbled. Many other have given in other ways. God is so good. Praise Him!

*We’ve been able to chat, pray and laugh together. This situation is beyond difficult. But we have been able to have good communication.

*The hospital staff has continued to be so helpful and answer all our questions and take time to explain things clearly.

Please pray for…

*Wisdom, peace and strength

*Some little kiddos aren’t feeling the best. Pray for God to grant us strength and keep us healthy.

*Pray for safety on the roads as friends and family are traveling.

*My brother David is the only sibling not able to be here. He is awaiting a visa renewal before he can visit. Please pray that comes through asap. God’s timing is perfect.

*Pray for my dad and for God’s will to be done and be so clear.


3 thoughts on “Update on Bill Perry 7/20

  1. Praying for u all day every day. I’m crying with you all. Life is so precious and short. You never think about this kind of thing happening to someone so special and such a man of God. May God continue to hold you all through each other..i love you all!!!


  2. Praying for all requests, especially David’s visaso he can share in the love and communion with you all and the Lord together!❤️❤️❤️✝️


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