72 hour update.

We have passed the 72 hour window. We have no major change. Some little things that go up and down. But the swelling, and lack of response is the same. We are trusting, waiting and thankful for the time we have to hold his hands. The staff at the hospital have been AMAZING. They are listening to us, answering questions, communicating with each other, they encourage us and yet they are honest. We couldn’t be in a better place. They are doing everything they can yet not doing too much to make things potentially worse. We are so thankful. We are now transitioning into a long term care plan. Nothing has been decided, we’re waiting and praying but sooner rather than later things will change. We aren’t even sure of what all that entails. We need wisdom.

We have again been beyond blessed and God is at work. Please read these praises and take a moment to thank our great Savior!

*A car has been picked out and will be arriving here soon. Praise Him!

*Thanks to all your generosity the $5000 deductable my parents have with their insurance is now getting deposited into their account so they are ready for that. Praise Him!

*The new hotel staff is amazing, they allowed us to us a conference room for free so we could throw a party for a granddaughters birthday today!(photo attached) If you’re in Albany, GA stay at the park inn by Radisson. They are so great! Praise him!

*We have been blessed by two churches locally with offer of help and longer term housing! One option will get checked out tomorrow. Praise him!

*All of our employers have been more than gracious with time off. Many people have donated to the individual families to help ease the burden and costs we are dealing with. Praise him!

*Many family and friends have come and are coming. They are such a source of encouragement and help. God is good. Praise him!

We still have many needs for prayer. Here are some.

*Wisdom for dicisions that are coming. Our family is a well oiled machine. The oil is the faith mom and dad instilled in us. We all want to be in total agreement on everything. Pray for good communication and the right decisions to be made. Our family is unique and incredible. We are blessed.

*Continued financial support. Most are out of work for a while and my mom will not be working for the foreseeable future. God can and will provide.

*Pray for a miracle. God can and will if that is the best. But we are looking at the bigger picture. We ask for our dad to be healed and come back to us. But we have given him to God and realize he might choose to ultimately heal our Father and we are at peace.

Again we thank you all so much! If you want to send a card to mom please send it to 3130 SW 21st fort Lauderdale FL, 33312. Family will be handling the mail.


I will be sharing a poem a little later my sister wrote. Be on the lookout for that. ❤ to God be the glory.







5 thoughts on “72 hour update.

  1. Dear Perry family, praying for Dad all my conscious moments, and praying for all of you. Love you dearly!!


  2. Perry family,

    I have been and will continue to pray for Bill and your family. It’s a blessing to see the strength of your faith. God is glorified in this, and it is an encouragement to me.


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