Update 7/21

My dad has been transferred into hospice. He is fading. We appreciate your prayers as he makes this transitions into eternity. We are grieving and rejoicing. I challenge you, if you don’t know Christ as your personal Savior, today is the day of salvation! We can rejoice because we know where he is going.

We have so many praises! Let us take time to thank our merciful heavily father.

*Many people have continued to give and help ease the weight of expenses. Every family member has been given something personally to help as well as the go fund me. Praise him!

*The facility staff we’re working with is amazing. We all were together today… Grandbabies too. They even have a play room geared towards kids. Praise Him!

*The social worker was a dear believer. We took a photo of the shirt she was wearing. Photo attached. Praise Him!

*Everywhere we go we’ve heard worship songs on the TV, hospital lobby, radio and random ringtones. Praise him!

*My dad’s sister made it up today and we’ve had a blessed time with her and her family. Praise him!

*The family that hadn’t been able to make it have called and skyped and encouraged us from afar. Praise Him!

We have a few requests as well.

*Continued provision for all the needs ahead.

*For a peaceful homegoing for my father. He is so ready to be with Jesus.

*For safety as we come and go. And for physical, spiritual and emotional energy to journey on.

*Pray my brother’s visa comes in God’s sovereign timing.

Words cannot express our thanks! You all have been such a blessing. We will need your continued prayer and support. But at this time we ask for your patience and space as we have time with just family. To God be the glory, great things he has done. IMG_10491.jpg

12 thoughts on “Update 7/21

  1. An appropriate and comforting song by Demaris Carbaugh for this time. Blessings on your family.

    Blessings, Roy and Diane


  2. What an uplifting message through such a difficult time. Have been praying for you from Buffalo Grove, IL since Mama Lynn got word. Rachel and I met briefly through Calvary Chapel Columbus. Rachel is a sweet sweet woman of God, and I know she (and you) must’ve come from some great roots. God bless your father on his journey home, and may grace continue to abound in your lives.


  3. I found your post on The Prayer Place on Facebook and I don’t know you or your family. But I am a Christian and I believe . My heart aches when I read this post. I know what it feels like to go down a path like this. I pray that God blesses you and your family with comfort, peace and His grace as you go through this as a family. I will continue to lift you up in prayer. Blessings to you and your family.


  4. My last conversation with Bill Perry, your Dad, was at the Culver’s house on the day before the accident. He told me with excitement of his plans to get a PhD based on all his writings. I thought, what confidence, vision, drive, and discipline this brother has! One thing is sure: If he doesn’t get that PhD on earth, he’ll get it in Heaven!
    Praying for you all, Grete Shelling


  5. So sorry about this difficult decision. Bill is in His Hands. So glad he will b with Him soon in His House as well.

    But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the loving kindness of God forever and ever. Psalms 52:8


  6. To all of Bill’s family: John and I send our love, and are so inspired by how Bill has been the vessel of channeling such great faith into his family and so many others. We loved having Bill on the air at WAFG/GraceFM when it existed, as he inspired not only each listener but us as well. Bill is a treasured brother, and therefore, his family is precious to us as well. May the grace of Jesus that Bill preached to all he met, be with you now, as we know it to be true and sure. Great is thy faithfulness, oh, God our Father.


  7. I know Rachel from SFH. Continuing in prayer for your Father and your entire family. In God’s great love.


  8. We have been praying for your dad and your family, and we will continue to do so. We’ve also been praying that God will be made known to the hospital staff and others who see God working at this time. God is so good, and I have been so encouraged by your faith and the way you find specific things to praise God in the midst of this. To God be the glory, and may he continue to comfort and strengthen and spur on your entire family.


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