48 hour update

We are passing the 48 hour mark. Thing are about the same. He’s still in a coma. His is breathing with just a little assistant. All we can do now is wait. And pray.

I don’t have much to share on dads current state. But I have SO many awesome praises! Our mighty God is at work! Please take a moment and praise him for the following!

*My brother and I were able to find my father’s wallet and deal with the car and that is now all settled. The tow truck driver didn’t even charge us! Praise him!

*A car is now in the works for my mom thanks to dear friends who live a few hours away! Praise him!

*The couple who prayed my father through and witnessed the accident traveled to us and we got to hold hands together and pray for dad again. We got to hug them and thank them personally. How merciful and gracious our God is! Praise him! (Picture of mom and them)

*After having issues with the first hotel we’ve all relocated to a new one and it is cheaper and much nicer, and again God is covering that through a friend! Praise him!

*Several people have sent money/gifts card or ordered dinner for us all. We are so thankful. Praise him!

*We set up a GoFundMe page and the Lord has been providing. We are so humbled. So thankful. Praise Him!

*Friends and family who are here visiting and helping. Praise him!

We do have a few specific requests to bring before the throne of mercy.

*Please continue to pray the swelling decreases.

*Pray he becomes alert.

*Pray that we can listen well to the Drs and have wisdom.

*Pray we can rest when we have the opportunity and can be alert when needed.

We pray for a miracle but in all this things we pray God gets the most glory. His will be done. We cannot thank you all enough. The body of Christ is alive and active. We’ve had over 29 countries read this blog. My dad always talks about the ripple effect. We pray the ripple effect will be one that brings people to their knees and that they trust Christ as his Savior. I’d love for you to take a few minutes and watch my dad’s video. He developed the Gospel in your hands presentation. If you don’t know Christ, please watch it. If you have questions feel free to contact me. Today is the day of salvation. I will also post the link to the go fund me. Only if you feel lead to give. If you prefer PayPal message me and I can give you that email.









3 thoughts on “48 hour update

  1. I am so encouraged how God is surrounding you with little blessings to help this situation be easier. I am praying daily and multiple times for Bill to be more than a Conqueror. I am praying for the Great Physician to bring healing to Bill. In Yeshua-Greg Savitt


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