Bill Perry update.

For those of you who didn’t know my father, Bill Perry was in a very serious car crash Sunday in the early afternoon. He had just spent two weeks teaching twice a day at camp. He visited friends and my sister and was heading home. He hydroplaned and hit a tree. The car is totaled. He is in critical condition.

All my family state side are with him now in Albany, GA. He has broken bones but the main concern is his brain. The prognosis is bad. And he is in a coma. The next 48 hours are very critical. We are now just waiting and trusting. We pray for a miracle, but in all things may God get the glory.

Tonight recap is brief. We are tired but thankfully to be together. Please feel free to share this page. It is now dedicated to my father until further notice.

Let us praise God for:

*A family who witness the crash and came to his side and prayed him through till the ambulance came. Others also stopped and assisted (including a volunteer firefighter!)

*All who were traveling to dad through the night made safely.

*Friends that have made it to visit.

*A very helpful hospital staff.

Let us pray for:

*Decreased swelling on the brain.

*Increased function and alertness

*A vehicle to replace the one that was totaled.

*Wisdom and clarity.

We cannot express our gratitude enough. We have been flooded with love and prayers. We love you all.


21 thoughts on “Bill Perry update.

  1. Be strong and of good courage
    The Lord is your Rock
    We prayed for Bill and your family this morning and will continue to do so
    Many many folks are praying too
    Cleveland, OH


  2. we are friends of Steve & Jeanette, living in Belgium. Just want you to know that we are very sorry for your father’s accident, and are praying for him and you all. May God be glorified through this situation.


  3. Thanks for the update. We’ve been praying for your dad. We knew him from years past when he was with ISI, as we are. Admire and appreciate your dad’s faithful ministry over many years. We too are praying for a miracle – trusting the Father with you. Dan and Carolyn Brannen


  4. Thank you for your update. My husband and I are friends with your Dad and Mom for many years. We have been praying since we heard on Sunday evening. The last time we saw them was in Virginia Beach last month at a conference. Bill was beaming with joy as he saw us, because this time, your Mom was by his side. She has not been able to attend those annual conferences in the past. Praying… Lisa and Leiton Chinn


  5. Oh my, I just saw this! Our precious, wonderful Bill will live and not die and declare God’s glory in the land of the living! Holding you all close in my heart and prayers. Deb Cusick


  6. I admire your parents deeply. I am praying for Bill. I trust the Lord’s power and perfect will. In my mind Bill has done so so so so so much for mankind and he is a role model for us all with a lot more to give. God bless you and strengthen you all during this difficult time. Blessings and hugs from New Zealand and Uruguay.Please Please keep us posted. Beatriz


  7. I have never had the chance to meet your dad personally, but I have been working with your mom over the past year. She is a wonderful, prayerful and Godly woman who loves her family and her husband. She has only spoken words of love and admiration for him and the Lord. So I will continue to pray for healing from head to toe for your dad, praying for comfort and strength for your family, and we know we serve a God of love, compassion, mercy and power, may His will be done 🙏


  8. A thought for the family:
    Some in comas have report that they could hear everything. If you talk to Bill, he may hear you.

    We are praying for Bill.
    Bill’s ministry to our international students & his books have blessed

    Walt Johnston
    International student ministry
    Penn State University


  9. Greetings to the Bill and Jenny Perry family from North Carolina. I knew your parents years ago when I lived in Fort Lauderdale for a time, and attended LCC. Bill and Jenny and family are in my prayers; and have been added to our ladies’ prayer circle at church. I am touched by all the help and encouragement and Christian love you are experiencing. To God be the glory. I am thanking Him with you all for physical and emotional strength, for complete healing for Bill – either way the Lord chooses, for he is in a win/win situation, as you know. Thank you so very much for making this update public. My kids and I send our love and encouragement your way. In His tender care,
    Lou Leighton & family


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