It’s the popcorn and haircuts… I miss you.

Hey Dad,

I haven’t been able to say that for 18 months… 18 months and 4 days since the accident… I know you wouldn’t want to come back, Heaven is better than I can even fathom. Through the pain I can smile knowing you’re there and completely whole. Even knowing those truths, I miss you.

When I go to make popcorn, I plug in the air popper and hear the hum. I close my eyes and imagine I’m making it for you again during the commercial of whatever game is on Sunday evening. You’re right, coffee mugs are the best for heating up the butter. I miss you.

When the dolphins are on and they lose… again. I hear your voice and all the funny things you’d say about them. By the way, they fired another coach! I miss you.

On Sunday mornings, when I hear songs about Heaven. Or hear any preacher (and we have several good ones…) I think back to tiny LCC and you pacing back and forth. Your sermons and teaching style will always be my favorite. I miss you.


When I cut the boys hair with a buzzer, I think back to learning to do it on you first. And even though I didn’t like doing it then, and I still hate cutting hair. I think of you and would do it 100 x more if possible. I miss you.

Pictures of my wedding are sweet and hard, I remember David opening up the service, and you and I having a moment waiting to walk in. I don’t know what we said. But you were just as nervous as I was. I miss you.


When I tell my testimony to others, you’re there. You baptized me, taught me, and showed me through you life that God is the ultimate example to follow, our only hope. But I miss you.

Some of my greatest adventures were with you, when I hear of someone visiting the Grand cannon, my memories are with you. When they’re driving across the country, I think of you. I miss you.

grand canyon

Justin’s taking a class on English Literature this term (he’s very close to a Bachelor’s Degree!) I get giddy over the writing assignments, I wish I could take the class for him. I think it’s in my gene, the love of written communication. And I got that from you. I miss you.

It’s all the big things, and all the tiny things that made you so special, and the whole in my heart so big. I’m doing okay, God is still good. All I wanted to tell you, is that I miss you.

Love you with all the pieces of my heart,

Stephanie Grace. (aka fedex… aka gator girl)


I still occasionally cook stuff on too high of heat on the stove and smoke up the house… miss you.

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