A year of restoration.

We’ve been home for over a month now, it seems like much longer in many ways. I miss my family like crazy, but I am so thankful for the sweet time we had together.

I’ve been praying for several things, asking for God’s help, guidance, direction, healing… During one of my quiet times of prayer a word kept popping up in my mind. I felt like the Lord was speaking to my heart saying, “steph, you need restoration.” Me “restoration? I can’t get any rest! I’m a mom of 4 kids 4 & under!” But that’s not what the word restoration means. Take a look.





the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition:
“the restoration of Andrew’s sight”
synonyms: repair · repairing · fixing · mending · refurbishment · reconditioning · 

My heart has been wrecked, we’ve had so much change, coming and going and the person I sought out advice from the most is now home with the Lord. Great for him, but what about me?

My body is a mess, I have a lot of issues thanks to have Hypermesis 4x along with gastritis, gestational diabetes, I could go on… but you get the picture!

Our family is tired, the last thing we need this year is to be over committed, we need grounding, time together and a lot of grace.

Our finances are another story, we are trusting the Lord to restore them in his time and provide as he always has!

My personal walk with the Lord isn’t great. I do a whole lot of praying/singing but do I take the time to listen? Am I quieting my heart and giving him the time he deserves? Unfortunately no. Reading my bible has been extremely hard after my dads home going.

1 Peter 5:10

10And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

Friends, restoration takes WORK. I’ve made some changes that have already been helping.

I’ve backed off from formal ministry at our Church, it allows me to 100% focus on the kids and ministering to people out of my home on my schedule. Whether it be meeting a mom friend for coffee, or having someone over for a meal.

I’ve also completely changed my eating habits and it’s working! I’ve lost 15 lbs and have almost completely eliminated my stomach pains.

I’m trying to hug my babies more, I’m very distracted most days and out of it. Just trying to get everyone fed, changed etc. But I am doing my best to spend focused time with them. It’s a work in progress.

Justin is currently working at our friends cafe, they’ve been so gracious in letting him come back till he finds something else. The pay isn’t much but it helps. He also got hired on to be a seasonal patrol officer from Memorial Day to Labor day. This is a big answer to prayer. We have something else in the works that would start in the fall, we won’t know for a while if he gets accepted but we would appreciate your prayers that he would!

It’s still hard to read the bible… But I am working on it, and won’t give up. If I’m being honest, it’s the hardest thing out of everything I need restoration in.


I have good days and bad, some days I am on the edge of crying or having a breakdown as soon as I have a moment alone and other days I’m fine. But all in all, He is good.


2 thoughts on “A year of restoration.

  1. God bless your sweet family, Stephanie. You will all remain in my prayers for sure. Our Lord never said life would be easy. Only that He would be right here with us to help us get through it. You are a real trouper! Sending a “cyber hug 🤗No healing in it, but maybe you will feel my prayers.


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