The Detour

It’s been a while since I’ve had the mental and emotional energy to write. I’ve been going through the bible study “His name is.” I got to the name “Alpha and Omega” and got stuck. A lot of questions arose and it was hard to get through and really be able to believe the verses I was reading about that description of God.

If he is the Alpha and Omega…

why hasn’t he sold our house?

why aren’t the connections we had turning into job offers?

December has been a month of questions… prayer… and reevaluating my own heart. What do I really believe in my heart of hearts. It’s convicting, humbling and exhausting.

Although there will be many questions that will not have answers this side of the kingdom. The Lord graciously has brought clarity in a few areas. It was not what we expected but we are thankful.

On January 8th we will be driving back up to Delaware. Our house hasn’t sold, and overall we would prefer to raise our kids in an area where the cost of living in much lower and it’s less crazy. It’s been a hard decision. We really don’t want to leave my family, but we also no longer have peace about prolonging our stay when we feel the call to go back.

We came for two reasons, to allow Justin to go through the dispatch course. And to be a help and comfort to my mom as she transitions into a new season. Justin finished the course at the top of his class. Praise God! My mom is also feeling a little stronger. She is very much still in the early stages of grief, but a lot of the paperwork following my fathers passing has been completed. She is amazing. She has given us her blessing to move back up. We don’t want to leave and she doesn’t want us to leave. But we both know it’s for the best. I wouldn’t trade the last few months we’ve had together for anything. We have no regrets. We laid everything at the alter and the Lord has graciously given it back. Our hearts are thankful.

There is a still a need for employment for Justin. He applied for a job that is located about 45 minutes from our house in Delaware! We appreciate prayers, it is a job that would combine his skills in dispatch, military training, as well as costumer service experience. We believe that either this or something we do not yet see will open if we’re obedient and follow His prompting.


We have praises already!

-We’ve been gifted money to help cover the costs of the moving truck and getting re-established. Praise God!

-Our realtor has graciously taken our house off the market and was so kind about it all. If you need a good realtor in Delaware she’s been wonderful. Praise God!

-We’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with family. It’s been such a sweet time of fellowship. Whenever we are together it is a time of restoration and wonderful fellowship. Praise God!

-We have already been able to do some shopping at Ikea to replace some furniture we sold as well as go to costco (I’ll miss costco & Ikea!) and get things for our pantry. All paid for! Praise God!

-We’ve had such sweet responses from our friends and family in DE excited for us to get back and offering to help or load items as we need them. We really have been blessed with a wonderful community. Thanks be to God!

We will be very busy in the next two weeks. Packing, soaking up the time with family, and traveling back up.

Please pray for:

-Safety on the roads and while moving things around.

-The right job for Justin to open at the right time, that will provide what we need.

-A good transition for our family as we go back home, and for my mom and sisters as we leave.

-Pray against depression. We’re leaving sunny south Florida for freezing Delaware. It’ll be hard for us all.


Thank you all for your prayers. We are excited to see what doors will open next. I can say with my whole heart I do believe our God is the Alpha and Omega. I am excited to see what he does next.

*highlights from Florida*

The museum of Science and Discovery

Getting to see the Dolphins play

Double Dates with my sister and her boyfriend

A date night to see the Christmas pageant

Getting to celebrate the Holidays at home

Tea time with my mom in the evenings

A lunch date with my mom

Justin doing well in school

Walking to aunt Linda’s house

Play dates with cousins

Time with my Grandmom

Playing at the beach and park






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