We’re moving on.

My husband, Justin, and I have been married for five years. We have four babies under four and have been blessed to live by Justin’s family in Delaware. We also have attended the same church and deeply love our community. But sometimes God calls you to move on when you’re most comfortable.

Justin is an incredibly hard working, faithful and dedicated husband and father. I was blessed with a father like that and I wasn’t sure if there were any guys left like him… But thankfully I snatched up a good one. 😉 After two deployments in Iraq his dream of staying through till retirement in the army was no longer for the best. And selfishly I didn’t mind when he told me that he was planning on getting out!

Three years ago he started liberty online full-time in hopes of finding a new career path. He was working full time with a very sick and pregnant wife and a baby under one. He’s been full-time in school while working until this summer. It’s taken sometime but we’ve finally found his passion in the field of Aviation. He earned his private pilot license and through that learned about dispatch. In June he signed up to go to fort Lauderdale, FL (where my family is located) to get his FAA certication for dispatch so Lord willing he can start a career he really loves by the new year.

My father passed very suddenly, but before that happened his advice was very instrumental in our decision to take the leap and sign up for dispatch. We had no idea when we signed up to come to fort Lauderdale in the fall that my dad wouldn’t be around. But God knew. We believe his hand has been guiding us in this direction.

My mom has graciously offered the back part of their home to us to move into. By October 1st we will be on our way home to Florida. When my dad was in the hospital I promised him I’d stick close to mom and help her as much as possible in this next season We have every intention of keeping that promise for as long as the Lord guides us. I’m thankful for my husband who loves my family just as much as I do and is more than willing and excited for this move. I’m ready to get home.

We have two big prayer request. The first is we own a home. We put it on the market a week ago and today is our first showing. We know we’re coming to the end of the traditional house hunting season, but we also realize we have a great big God who can move a house in seconds if that’s his will. Please pray we get an offer soon, and it’s one that is financially acceptable and we have no problems selling. The second would be please pray Justin will find a dispatch job shortly after completing the course. He is anxious to get started.

We covet your prayers! We l know if God isn’t in this, than it’s all for nothing. We hope and pray he is glorified through our family.

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9IMG_20170803_191004_973


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